Dem senator: Russian hacking may have been 'act of war'

Democratic Senator  Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) today stepped alarmingly into the ether when she characterized alleged Russian interference in the November election as “an act of war”.

Ok, let me stipulate for the court that I am against the Russians or any other foreign entity messing with our election process. But foreign governments have been doing that sort of thing since Persian gold “Darics” ended up in the pockets of Athenian politicians to oppose Philip of Macedon (and likely long, long before that). We certainly have gone to great lengths in the past to interfere in other nation’s internal affairs, including killing their candidates and sometimes leaders (just ask Diem of S. Vietnam or Allende in Chile; or more recently Obama trying to oust “Bibi” Netanyahu in 2015). So I don’t get too worked up when the Russians do what they can to “F” with us. Its what governments do.

What I find alarming and at the same time ironically amusing is that Democrats, for the first time perhaps since the 1960s, have their hair on fire about the threat to “global stability” and our democracy posed by Russia.
This is the same Democratic Party that fought Nixon, Reagan, and every other Republican-led effort to fight the Cold War; a time when the Russians really were trying to destroy us. We were accused by the Dems back then of being McCarthyites; of seeing “Reds” under every bed. That, despite the fact, as seen in the Alger Hiss case, the Russians were not only trying to sabotage our democracy, they had agents infiltrated in our State Department (and other places as well).
More recently (for those of you too young to remember the Cold War), in the 2012 Presidential Election, Mitt Romney got hooted off the stage when he warned that Putin’s Russia represented our greatest geopolitical rival. “The 80s want their foreign policy back”, Obama quipped scornfully.
 Remember the Russian Reset? Or Obama leaning in close to the Russian Prime Minister and assuring him (message to be conveyed to his boss, “Vladimir”) that he (Obama) would have much more “flexibility” to make concessions once the election was over??


No administration has been cozier or more accommodating to America’s enemies (not just Russia, a rival; but Iran, a true deadly enemy) than Obama’s and the Democrats supporting him.

Thus the irony: the ONLY time the Democrats get worked up by the Russians is when they come to think the Russians may have cost them an election! Enslaving all of Eastern Europe? No big deal. Overrunning Afghanistan? Ok, we will boycott the Olympics; but not to worry. Setting up puppet client states throughout Latin America, on our very doorstep? Hey, we do the same thing to them, so what’s the big concern?
All my life the Dems have down-played the threat from Russia (then the Soviet Union). Till they lost the one thing that REALLY MATTERS to our Democrat friends: power. Losing the election and the power of governance hits them where it hurts. Who cares about a bunch of smelly Eastern Europeans (or Cubans, for that matter; still enslaved to a communist regime imposed with Russian support)? But elections matter!
Now, a member of the same party that never wanted to fight the Cold War suggests a “hot war” may be upon us, due to Russian interference in the election. Where is this leading? What do Democrats, pounding the war drums, hope to achieve? Do they really think this is an “act of war”? If so, how do they suggest this be answered? With an act of war on our part?
No, of course not. Nobody, even a Democrat, would be that irresponsible. Which is what makes such loose talk so irresponsible. Ever so deeply adolescent, the Dems are in a temper tantrum and take no care of the words they throw around. Like a child lashing out, they merely seek to wound Trump like a child tries to wound its parent’s feelings.
This is why by comparison, even Trump at his worst seems more adult than any serving Democrat I can think of.
Thank God the adults are in charge again.


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