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Let me tell you about me, Barry Jacobsen:

I’m a veteran of the US Army Special Forces (the Green Berets); having served 8 years on a Special Forces “A Team”, specializing in SCUBA techniques.  My training was primarily as a Medic (SF Physician’s Extender); though I trained and practiced regularly with most current and many older weapons of the world (my favoite being the British Sten submachine gun).

I’ve always had two passions:  One is military history and weapons.  I have another Blog site, The Deadliest Blogger: Military History Page ; where we discuss aspects of military history. I also run  a very informative and entertaining site on Facebook, Military History Page:  http://www.facebook.com/Daveed.of.Granada/posts/268508553220832?notif_t=share_reply#!/groups/MILTIARYHISTORYPAGE/

I’ve been a  medieval combat reenactor for 35 years; and a Knight and Count within the Society for Creative Anachronisms since 1978 and 1980 respectively. It was within the Society that I formed the Spartan Warband in 2004, a national combat group that recreates the warrior culture of ancient Sparta.

It was through the Spartanwarband that I was contacted by the producers of Deadliest Warrior. That led to being on the pilot episode, Spartan vs Ninja. Once the show was picked-up by Spike, I was retained for the First Season as Historical Advisor. When the Second Season rolled around, I continued in this capacity, but also did more of the stunt choreography (I did stunt work on some of the episodeds in both the First and Second season, and informally worked with the stunt team to make the stunts more historically realistic and less “Hollywood”). I am credited as an Associate Producer on the Second Season, as well.

I’m  also an actor by training, and have done numerous stage productions over the last three decades.  In 2010 I was hired as the Fight Choreographer and Stunt Coordinator for the animated feature film, “Kaptara”.

On a personal note, I have 3 amazing children (with two amazing ex-wives).  Were it not for them, I would be off in the wilds of Afghanistan or Africa with some military contractor. But they keep me both grounded spiritually; and grounded here, in Temecula, California!

Well, that’s enough of an introduction! Stay tuned as this blog evolves!

2 thoughts on “About WORD WARRIOR!

  1. Good Morning or Good Evening Sir,

    I very much enjoyed reading your article on the History of the Crusades.

    I am just curious if there is a way that I may subscribe to your blog.

    Thank you sir.

    K Koshani

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