Senator, I don’t recall“, is an often heard response to potentially damaging questions when a Washington politico testifies in front of a Senate hearing. It’s a safe way of avoiding the out-right lie one would otherwise have to give to avoid answering in a truthful and damaging way.

When asked by the FBI in July  about her use of a private server and handling of classified emails while Secretary of State, “I don’t recall” was an often heard answer from Hillary Clinton.

It seems the “smartest woman in the world” can’t remember ever being briefed on security measures or the proper handling of classified documents. That, despite signing documents acknowledging such briefings while both a Senator and when Secretary of State.

Even more astonishing for someone who thinks she is prepared to be the leader of the country and the “Free World”, Clinton claims she doesn’t even understand how classification of government documents was determined!

Now, I don’t claim to be the “smartest (man) in the world”. But even as a lowly Army sergeant in the 1980s, I understood the proper handling of classified documents. When as a Green Beret I viewed classified material, I had to sign it out of a safe in a “secure room”; read it in that room (without taking notes); and when finished sign it back into the safe before leaving the room.

Understanding also that anything I say about classified operations was assumed to be a violation, compromising my security clearance and risking jail time; was also within my limited intellectual capability.

So how come the “Smartest Woman in the World” didn’t understand, or even recall being taught, how to handle classified material??

One of the excuses Clinton gave the FBI for this incredible gap in her memory was that she had suffered head trauma, and a subsequent blood clot in the brain.

OK. But doesn’t that bring into question her health and capability to perform the job for which she is currently applying: that of President of the United States?

I think either she is either lying about her memory, or (more troubling) she really can’t recall important briefings to which she signed off on.

In either case, her fitness for command is ever more deeply in question.

The ever-estimable Peggy Noonan weighs-in, as questions about Hillary’s fitness causes voters to question her inevitability.