It has become all too sadly commonplace that whenever some crazy uses a gun to commit some despicable act of violence, that the gun control fanatics immediately hover like vultures around the scene. To so use every tragedy to push their otherwise unpopular political agenda is both exploitative and obscene.

Guns are not the issue. Evil is the issue.

The worst violence in modern history (other than that committed by governments against their own people, as we see today in Syria) was done by men armed primarily with clubs and machetes: the genocide in Rwanda. This was largely done by hate-filled mobs against an innocent, unarmed Tutsi populace.

Hasn’t it come to the notice of these vultures that always caw for gun control that these crimes tend to happen in states, cities, or places where the private ownership of guns is most tightly restricted? Certainly Connecticut has some of the nation’s strictest gun control policies. As does Chicago, where gun violence is at an all time high (at least since Al Capone was sent away to Alcatraz)!

Until we can find a way of eradicating evil from men’s hearts; or, at the very least, find a way to better identify those evil or mentally ill persons planning such crimes, all the gun control measures in the world will avail us little.

Now, in response to a Liberal friend’s suggestion on another forum that in the wake of this tragedy it was “time to talk about gun-control”; here is a guest editorial from a friend of Word Warrior, by profession a Prosecuting Attorney; who for reasons of his own chooses to remain anonymous:

“It’s time to talk about gun-control. ” Congratulations for politicizing a tragedy.

You ought to be ashamed, but I forgive you. You have “no easy answers” but you knee-jerk your last statement by suggesting we now talk about gun-control. By the way, exactly what kind of gun control do you think would have prevented todays unspeakable and evil tragedy? Maybe Scotland’s model would work.

I suggest to you that you don’t even know enough about what happened today to give us an intelligent suggestion as what kind of gun control could have prevented today’s tragedy, and when you do find out all the facts which will become available, you won’t be able to tell us what kind of gun control could have prevented it, other then the total abolition of private gun ownership and a waiting period of about two-hundred years for current ammo supplies in private hands to run out. And how do I know that? Because I have these discussions everytime for the last thirty years when some evil lunatic uses a gun to commit some monstrous evil, and I haven’t heard any suggestion which would be effective from even the most committed and thoughtful anti-gun advocate.

So in the meantime, we should devote our energies to mourning the victims of this abominal crime. We should all decry the evil which many of our fellow humans are capable of, and try to figure out a way to make people more empathetic, caring, and respectful of the lives and property of others, and try to figure out a way of recognizing those among us who will someday commit an unspeakable act of violence and dealing with them to prevent such occurrences.

When I was young I lived in a town where, on my block, except for my house and 80 year-old Mrs. Tronson’s house, almost everyone [even liberal Democrats] had a rifle cabinet with large caliber handguns, hunting rifles, large magazine semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns, and no adult or child ever took one of those guns and used it to do harm to another human being.

What has changed in fifty years? You determine that and then we’ll have an intelligent discussion on what to do about the problem.

Amen, my friend.





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  2. I am a liberal, but to create such a gun free utopia would require the creation of a true police state where everyone, including innocent, responsible gun owners would be forced (ironically by gunpoint) to have them removed. Even the “special” libs like rock stars, Hollywood stars and Micheal Moore should not be exempted from The Hunt should it happen (which it will not, as they will be the first to whine about how THEY need special protection)

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