We face warriors whose contempt for peace and human life requires those who truly cherish peace and human life to kill them before they kill us.

November 16, 2012

(Reposted from Yoni The Blogger)
 by Prof. Paul Eidelberg, President
Israel-America Research Institute – Jerusalem & Philadelphia

  Part I. Analysis

The best analysis I have read of America’s foreign policy failings—and this applies to Israel—will be found in the writings of Ralph Peters, a retired American army intelligence officer who worked and studied in dozens of countries as well as in the U.S. Executive office.

If there is a single power the U.S. and Israel underestimates it is the power of collective hatred, meaning the hatred that animates the Arab-Islamic world.

Like their American counterparts, Israel’s ruling elites do not “understand the delicious appeal of hatred.” Steeped in humanism, they avoid the cruel fact that man is a killer. They have learned nothing from the genocidal wars and wholesale massacres of the twentieth century, not merely in Nazi Germany, but also in Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Iraq, Sudan—to name only a few.

There are human beings who enjoy killing. Even if it be said they are a minority, it does not take many enthusiastic killers, says Peters, to trigger a genocidal war. The Arab Palestinian Authority directs many of these killers and deliberately educates Arab children to emulate them.

Like the United States, Israel plays by rules, some encoded in her own laws, others in international laws, and still others in a humane heritage which is an integral part of the West’s collective consciousness. But Israel’s enemies despise this heritage and Western civilization.

Again and again we find that treaties or agreements mean nothing to our enemies. While we are talk-oriented, our enemies are action-oriented. We mirror-image and think that our enemies are like us, that they want peace, even though they have repeatedly said, “peace means the destruction of Israel.” Israel’s leaders live in a state of denial—or should we say a state of fear and dissembling?

Even the terms we use to describe the enemy—whether we name them “terrorists” or “Islamic fundamentalists” or even “Palestinians”—are misleading. Such terms hinder Israel’s and America’s political and military echelons from developing an appropriate strategy against this implacable and arguably psychotic foe. Ralph Peters calls these terrorists “warriors” because he wants Americans to take terrorists seriously. He clears away the euphemisms by speaking of five different types of warriors—because if we do not understand the enemy, we will lose the war against them.

● One pool of warriors comes from the underclass, a male who has no stake in peace, a loser with little education and little legal earning power. It’s easy to recruit such warriors against the “Great” or against the “Little” Satan. These warriors are bloody savages.

● A second pool of warriors consists of young men who join and fight for the Arab cause. Their savagery increases with the duration and intensity of the conflict.

● A third pool of warriors consists of opportunists, entrepreneurs who profit from the conflict. They traffic in arms and drugs. Their great strength is their cynicism. The Palestinian kleptocracy, led by Mahmoud Abbas, belongs to this pool. This type of warrior is the most likely to be underestimated by wishful-thinking liberals, especially Jews.

● A fourth pool of warriors consists of true believers like Osama bin Laden, or like Abdullah Badran, the 21 year-old university student who blew himself up in a Tel Aviv nightclub. These warriors fight out of religious conviction and are infected with blood lust. They have been spawned by a failed civilization that would rather blame “Americans” or “Zionists” for that civilization’s own shortcomings, its inability to adapt to modernity and compete with the West. They burn with resentment and desire revenge. Perhaps they dimly realize the decadence of their Islamic heritage, and this inflames their fanatical hatred of the culturally superior West.

● The fifth pool consists of dispossessed or otherwise failed military men. Peters considers them the immediate and most dangerous pool of warriors. They become even more dangerous when working together with the true believer.

All of these warriors are habituated to violence; they have no stake in civil order. Unlike soldiers, they do not play by the rules of the Geneva convention; they do not respect human life; treaties mean nothing to them; and they regard compromise as equivalent to prostitution. Negotiation with warriors is sheer folly. We should not negotiate with them until they surrender. Until then, we must overcome sentimentalism. Until then they must be killed.

Unfortunately, Israelis, like Americans, believe that all men want peace, that all conflict can be resolved through compromise and “understanding.” But these killers have no stake in peace. Many would be bored by peace, and would lose honor or be out of a job. You find such men in the Palestinian Authority—in Fatah, Tanzim, Hamas, Hezbollah, and whatever appellations they use to adorn their Jihadic egos.

● American and Israeli opinion-makers refuse to believe that many human beings thrive and profit on disorder and on killing other human beings.

● Americans profit from peace; warriors profit from war, and Israelis suffer the inevitably lethal consequences.

● Both American and Israeli politicians talk facetiously about a war against “terrorism.” This has become a dodge for what should be called a “clash of a civilizations” as recognized by candid and courageous scholars like Professor Samuel Huntington and Syrian-born psychiatrist, Dr. Wafa Sultan, who does not even regard Islam as a civilization since it denigrates reason and tolerance of others.

Also, and as Ralph Peters points out, we refuse to understand that certain human beings cannot accept that their culture is failing. These people don’t realize that they are failing as individuals because of the mode of thought and behavior to which their culture has conditioned them. They want someone to blame, and they want revenge on that someone.

But our academics and intellectual elites—the educators of our politicians, judges, and journalists—are so conditioned by the moral relativism that permeates all levels of education in the democratic world, that they cannot think of Islam as a failed culture. This failure of Islam is acknowledged by the eminent Lebanese-born political scientist Fouad Ajami, author of The Dream Palace of the Arabs. Of course, the naive would accuse this writer of “racism”—but surely one need not be a racist to recognize that Israel’s enemies have some very nasty characteristics:

● They regard Israeli peace overtures as a sign of weakness.

● They have nothing but contempt for Jews who advocate “land for peace.”

● They will not honor any form of agreement a moment longer than it suits their interests.

● Their contempt for human life inevitably leads them to commit atrocities.

We face warriors whose contempt for peace and human life requires those who truly cherish peace and human life to kill them before they kill us.

Part II. What Must Be Done

The Netanyahu Government is following the failed and self-destructive policy of “land for peace” now bearing the mystical mantra “The Two-State Solution.” Hence, let us not succumb to sentimental words. Cold reason and the brutal murder of our loved ones by professional Arab Jew-killers logically and morally compels us to propose a policy of “Kill for Peace”—a harsh policy, but one that would actually reduce Arab as well as Jewish casualties.

The rationality and effectiveness of such a policy is substantiated not only by Ralph Peters but also by the greatest military theorists in history, Carl von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. Moreover, the thinking of these military geniuses is supported by principles of statecraft enunciated by the great 19th century Austrian statesman, Prince Metternich on whom Henry Kissinger wrote his doctoral dissertation.


Accordingly, we shall now enumerate ten principles of statecraft and rules of warfare required for the policy “Kill for Peace” vis-à-vis Israel’s Janus/two-faced enemies—and these principles must be spelled out in clear cut operational terms:

FIRST PRINCIPLE: A CLEAR OBJECTIVE. A wise and courageous statesman must set forth a clear military goal. For Israel, this goal is the destruction of the entire Arab terrorist network in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. The statesman must tackle this goal vigorously. For this to happen it is necessary that the goal should not only be clear in the eyes of the cabinet, but it should also be made clear in the eyes of the public, and even clearer in the eyes of the enemy. They must recognize that they are facing an unrelenting lethal force that will break them.]

SECOND PRINCIPLE: CLARITY. In this age of publicity the first concern of government must be not only to be right, but, even more important, to see that everything is called by its right name. Israeli statesmen must stop talking about a “peace process” or about “peaceful coexistence”—certainly not about a Palestine state [which is an absurd anti-thesis to Israel’s biblical claim to a Jewish homeland]. Israel is in a war for its survival. In this war there is no substitute for victory.

THIRD PRINCIPLE: NO COMPROMISE. There is no compromising with an uncompromising enemy—an enemy that regards compromise as a sign of weakness.  Israel is confronted by the most evil of enemies—warriors who lust for Jewish blood.

FOURTH PRINCIPLEKILL THE ROOTS. Eliminate the evil at its source, that is, eliminate or sew dissension among the enemy’s leadership, its supporting gangs and infrastructure. Disarming the enemy must be the immediate object of hostilities, for as long as the enemy remains armed, he will wait for a more favorable moment for action.

FITH PRINCIPLE: NO HALF-MEASURES. Know that any strategy conceived in moderate terms will fail because the circumstances confronting Israel are extreme—its very existence is at stake. Therefore, where each of the possible lines of action involves difficulty, the strongest line is the best.

SIXTH PRINCIPLE: ACCEPT THE NEED FOR COLLATERAL DAMAGE. Tell the people of Israel that there will be casualties to Arab non-combatants or civilians. These civilians are not innocent. They elected a government know its goal is to annihilate Israel, a government that uses women and children as human bombs to kill Jews. (WORD WARRIOR’S NOTE: Just as the German people had to suffer for electing and following Hitler and the Nazis; so any do any people who elect and follow extremists leaders or parties. The enemy will use bloody images of their slain civilians, many of whom were put into harm’s way by their own government or leadership, to gain world sympathy and weaken our resolve. This must not be allowed to undermine Israel or the America’s will to win.)

SEVENTH PRINCIPLE: SANE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. Impose rules of engagement that favor our soldiers, not the enemy. Bomb terrorist havens from the air, rather than endanger Israeli (or American) soldiers by house-to-house combat.

EIGHTH PRINCIPLE: SEIZE AND MAINTAIN THE INITIATIVE. Operate offensively, never passively or defensively, and operate continuously. Give the enemy no rest. Hence, no cease fires, for they allow the enemy to regroup, obtain more weapons, and prepare for deadlier attacks.

NINTH PRINCIPLE: AROUSE RIGHTEOUS FURY AGAINST OUR ENEMIES. Sun Tzu, who actually hated war, warns that “to kill the enemy, men must be roused to anger.” The statesman must exhibit (and inflame) hatred of Israel (and America’s) enemies. King David said, “I hate them, O God, that hate you” (Psalm 139:21). Here the haters of God means those who hate God’s people. (WORD WARRIOR’S NOTE: American and other Western leaders have done a poor job of either identiying our enemies or creating a national consenses to effectively fight back against them. A large measure of the blame for this must be laid squarely in the lap of the Left and the anti-war movement in our countries. They have continuously undermined our resolve, and pettyfogged the vital issues of who our enemies are and how they should be delt with.) 

TENTH PRINCIPLE: DECISIVE, VIOLENT ACTION. Focused and righteous anger, however, is futile if it does not issue in action. Therefore King David writes: “I pursued my enemies and overtook them, and returned not until they were destroyed. I crushed them so that they are not able to rise; …. I pulverized them like dust in the face of the storm …” (Psalm 18:38-43),

This is what must be done to Israel’s sworn and genocidal enemies. We therefore propose that the untried but rational policy of “Kill for Peace” replace the discredited and self-destructive policy of “land for peace.” Obviously this will not be done by the present government. Hence Israel needs a very different kind of government, which is why I-ARI has proposed a unitary executive undistracted by rival parties in the cabinet whose vision extends to nothing more than a larger share of the national budget.

“We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” George Orwell


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