Liberals vs “Super Liberals”: Its a Matter of Corollaries

This is a guest-piece from my good friend and mentor, Russ Farris; author of the ground-breaking book, “The Pot Belly Syndrome“.

After seeing the film, 2016: Omama’s America, he shared these thoughts regarding the differences between American liberals and really hard-core Leftists, which often call themselves “progressives”; and which Russ Farris refers to as “Super liberals”.

The difference between the two is a matter of degrees; of what corollaries of liberal thought one is willing to accept, and how far one is willing to take these.


 2016:Obama’s America got me to thinking about ordinary liberals and super liberals.

As I’ve said before, I think the most fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives is their view of the plasticity of human nature. Liberals tend to believe that anyone can be anything–with the right training and under the right circumstances. That fundamental belief has a lot of appalling corollaries. Here are some of them:
  • If we are plastic, we can be molded into anything.
  • If anyone can be anything, then everyone is fundamentallyequal.
  • If we are fundamentally equal, then only our circumstances make us unequal.
  • If circumstances make us unequal, then the circumstances can be adjusted to eliminate inequalities.
  • If the differences between us are due to our circumstances, then there is nothing special about anyone.
  • If no one is special, then individual hopes, accomplishments, and failures mean nothing.
  • If individual hopes, accomplishments, and failures mean nothing, then individual rights are unimportant.
  • In a perfected state, no one is special.
  • When societies are perfected, people will be perfected (
  • It’s not enough to perfect my city, my state, or my country, I have to perfect the world.
  • [Many other proposed corollaries deleted]
For brevity, the corollaries are stated in extreme forms that ordinary liberals would object to. If I broke them down into smaller bites, and put them in the right words, ordinary liberals would agree to all of them.
For example, ordinary liberals believe that Head Start Programs would have worked if we had put another $154 billion into it, but they balk at killing tens of millions of people to create the American version of the New Soviet Man.
Similarly, ordinary liberals are happy to spend money to rescue the poor from their folly, but they would not wish to see the U.S. crushed under the heel of  Russia, China, or a Muslim caliphate.
We have managed to survive the follies of ordinary liberals for 100  years (starting with Woodrow Wilson), and we are still here. But working in the background have been the super liberals, the vanguard of the progressive utopia. These were people like:

Super liberals would not blush at any of the corollaries I listed above, and there are lots of super liberals around today, still trying to accomplish in the U.S. what they failed to do in the Soviet Union. One of them is Barack Hussein Obama.
2016: Obama’s America is the story of how Obama became a super liberal, how he became President, what he has done so far, and what he plans to do. Conservatives don’t need to see this movie–we won’t vote for Obama under any circumstances.
The people who need to see 2016 are the ordinary liberals. If you think Obama is going to do something special for you in the next four years, ask yourself why he hasn’t done it so far?
Then consider whether your pet project is worth the cost to the country.
Russ Farris

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