As Iran ignores international pressures and pushes ever-closer to a nuclear capability, Israel finds itself caught between the proverbial Scylla and Charybdis.

With Washington refusing to put any  “red-lines” on Tehran’s drive to acquire nuclear weapons, and the very real prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran looming; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is in the unfortunate position of having to choose between two unpalatable choices.

To wait for a feckless American Administration to take action risks such action never coming; and instead seeing the mad Mullahs of Iran, hell-bent on destroying Israel (the “Little Satan”; as opposed to America, the “Great Satan”), developing those weapons with which to achieve this goal.

The alternate course of action would be to act alone, in its own best interests; and strike Iran in an attempt to destroy or at least slow its march towards perpetrating a second Jewish Holocaust. This would almost certainly ignite a  war between Israel and Iran and its proxies, Hezbollah and Hammas. With an increasingly hostile Egypt on its

southwestern border, becoming ever more radicalized and under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood; such a war might tip the balance of power in Egypt between the Brotherhood and the Egyptian Army in favor of the radicals. Their hand strengthened, the Brotherhood might use such a war as an excuse to tear-up the Camp David Accords and return to a state of active hostilities with Israel.

In such a case, Israel could find itself at war with Egypt as well.

Worse still, striking Iran without the express “green light” from the Obama Administration risks leaving Israel truly isolated. There is every reason to believe the Obama Administration might denounce the  Israeli action, and stand aloof. Iran would likely blame America regardless, and strike American targets. This could create resentment against Israel in some American circles, and damage the “special relationship” between the two that Israel relies upon.

This is the dilemma facing Prime Minister Netanyahu.

With this in mind, today Netanyahu asked to meet with Obama personally while in New York at the end of the month. Almost certain to be at the top of that agenda would be a military strike by one or both nations against intransigent Iran.

Considering the stakes on the table, it is unbelievable that Obama has decided to snub Netanyahu once again. This is not the first time this has happened; but considering the state of tensions in the Middle East, with wide-spread speculation that Israel may be planning a strike on Iran within the next few weeks, this refusal to meet with our closest ally in the region is unconscionable.

In 2010, Netanyahu came to the White House for meetings. He was left for hours waiting on the President, before being dismissed.

Worse, in November 2011, at a G-8 Summit meeting in Paris Obama was overheard by reporters disparaging Netanyahu to the former French Prime Minister, Sarkozy.

This Administration has been the coldest to our Israeli allies of any that has come before it. Obama is the first American President never to have visited Israel during his term in office; despite visiting neighboring Egypt very early in his tenure in office. His obvious distaste for Netanyahu and Israel brings American support of Israel in this time of decision into question.

Rather than meet with Netanyahu and answering the tough questions the Prime Minister will likely ask, Obama is dodging Netanyahu. Using the lamest of excuses, that his campaign schedule allows no time for such a meeting, Obama is fobbing Netanyahu off to the Secretary of State to meet with.

This is outrageous; and seems to bolster the Romney Campaign’s charge that Obama is no friend of Israel, and that given the chance a Romney Administration promises to do much better by our ally. A promise underlined by Romney’s committment to stop the Mullahs in Tehran from aquirering nuclear weapons.

It is a promise I sincerely hope a President Romney gets the opportunity to keep. For Israel, it will come none too soon.


Time’s Joe Klein: Netanyahu’s Behavior Is ‘Absolutely Outrageous and Disgusting’

On MSNBC (no surprise) the ever-idiotic Joe Klein fumed that Netanyahu’s comments were “Absolutely Outrageous and Disgusting”. Read more:


(CBS News) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – “I can’t ever imagine, if the prime minister of Israel asked to meet with me, I can’t imagine ever saying, ‘No,'” Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney said while shaking hands with supporters. “They’re our friends, they’re our closest allies in the Middle East.”

Moments after reiterating his criticism of the Obama administration for its handling of the diplomatic crisis unfolding in Libya and Egypt, Mitt Romney attacked the president on another foreign policy front, telling supporters at his campaign office in Florida that he couldn’t “imagine ever saying, ‘No,'” to a request for a meeting with the Israeli prime minister.

The comment came a day after the Israeli news media reported that President Obama could not find time in his schedule to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu when the Israeli prime minister travels to the United Nations in New York City later this month. (For more, read on here)


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