Somewhere between Monday and Wednesday, the Democrat Party discovered God and Jerusalem (not necessarily in that order).

While 9 out of 10 Americans believe in God, only 85% of self-described Liberals profess to believe in the Deity; which is one point less than “Easterners” (those polled in the eastern States), an interesting and intuitive factoid. So it was no great surprise when the Democrat Party took the word “God” out of their party’s platform statement.

Just slightly more surprising (I repeat: only slightly) was the omission of a statement confirming Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. Considering that this is an Administration that has been the most hostile to Israel of any since the 1973 Yom Kippur War (when Richard Nixon took us to DEFCON “PUT YOUR HEAD BETWEEN YOUR KNEES AND KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE!” in order to back the Soviets the “F” off and resupply Israel as it struggled for its life), that too was no great shocking revelation.

Their platform merely confirmed what most of those who pay a modicum of attention already understood to be the case: the Obama Democrat Party is as ambivalent about God and Israel as they are about American Exceptionalism (see “Obama the Pessimist“).

A statement in support of Israel, acknowledging Jerusalem as their capital, was in previous (2008) Democrat Platform. It is emblematic of how far to the Left the current Democrat Party is that its delegates this year fought to take such language out of their Party’s statement of principles and beliefs.

Beholding to and in an attempt to please the pro-Hamas wing of their party, the Dems gleefully refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to decide for itself where its capital city will be (a right EVERY other country in the world reserves to itself).

However, this morning the Democrats profess to have had a “Road to Jerusalem” moment.

Seeing which way this was playing out in public opinion (the majority of Americans definitely NOT sharing the Democrat’s ambivalence about either God or our closest and most reliable ally in the Middle East), Wednesday saw an amusing drama play out on the main stage in Charlotte. Amid loud booing from the disaffected delegates, a clearly flustered Los Angles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced that “the Yea’s have it!”; in a roll-call vote changing the platform back to the 2008 version.

Go figure: the Democrats “boo” God and Israel!

Villaraigosa had to take the voice vote, to affirm the changes, three times. The “nays” seemed loud enough to put the motion to change the platform in doubt. Clearly flabbergasted that the motion failed to carry, Villaraigosa  seemed (reluctantly) prepared to announce that the motion had been rejected (can you imagine what those headlines would have looked like today?!) when frantic party officials rushed up to suggest a third roll-call vote. This went no better than the first.

Despite obvious doubts on the floor, the LA Mayor dutifully banged the gavel and chimed, “In the opinion of the chair two-thirds have voted in the affirmative”.

Obviously, the fix was in.

Arab-American delegates later stated that they didn’t accept that the role-call vote had indeed been affirmed. Judge for yourself:

Once again the Democrats have found both God and (surprise!) that Jerusalem really is the capital of Israel!



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  2. What blew me away the most was how insanely self-destructive this was. Like almost everything they do, it was all feelings and no thought. Here they are in North Carolina, hoping to pick up the state for Obama, attacking God. I don’t think you could have picked a worse fight if you tried.

    • Apparently the Michigan delegation, which had some strident Arab/Muslim Americans, pushed hard in the platform committee to get Jerusalem-as-Israel’s-Capital out of the platform. The Left-wing secularists pushed to get “God” out of the platform. If the Dem leadership had seperated the two issues and took 2 votes instead of bundling them together, they would have each passed with much less opposition. Instead, they united both interest groups against the motion… Just stupid politics.

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