Have you noticed that the agents of extremism tend to have a certain… Well,  unreasoning look in their eyes?

Today, in response to National Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, I trudged over to the local (Temecula, California) branch of this otherwise unremarkable chain. I say “otherwise unremarkable”; because today this seldom patronized restaurant was inundated with patrons!

Between the mob waiting to get in (estimated by my calibrated, expert eyeball to be tens-of-tens) and the ten or so Gay Activist standing aside and heckling; I was unable to amble in and order my usual chicken sandwich (by usual I mean once before 25 years ago).

If this I’m certain record turnout is roughly duplicated nationwide, we will know two things:

  1. First, that there are WAY more people offended at the attempt by Gay Activists and Left-Wing Democrats to punish Chick-Fill-A for its owner’s traditional stance on traditional marriage (he’s against changing it); and…
  2. That Mike Huckabee (who called for today’s show of support on his Fox television show) has WAY more influence than either of the two men currently running for the presidency!

But back to my original point.

The many Chick-Fil-A patrons today waiting to enter stood in the hot Temecula sun (and believe me when I say that the heat of the Temecula summer sun is only perhaps surpassed  by that of Equatorial Guinea, the Sahara Desert, and the surface of the sun itself!)  in cheerful, orderly lines. Which reached far out into the parking lot, and into the parking lot of the next two restaurants on the block!

The Gay Activists, on the other hand, stood shouting at them and (in one case) throwing plastic water bottles at passing cars!

Now, which group do you think had the light of reason in their eyes?

What was it that Chick-Fil-A’s CEO Dan Cathy said that so aroused the ire of Democrat politicians (such as Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel) and these seldom-rational Gay Activists? Only what President Obama was saying until a few months ago (when he “evolved”): that he believes in traditional marriage as outlined in the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran (to mention three apparently bigoted Holy Books)! That is to say, between one man and one woman.

What he DIDN’T say is that he or Chick-Fil-A would not hire gays or serve gay patrons. Nor has there been accusations of such discrimination by Chick-Fil-A. Only that he, Dan Cathy, believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.

When did that become hate speech??

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I have a Gay/Lesbian sister and several Gay relatives. I also have a few Gay friends. I am personally very Gay friendly.

That said, the goofy bunch of fanatics, fascists, and ignoramuses that turned up to hurl water bottles and abuse at Chick-Fil-A customers do the “Gay cause” (if such a thing can be said to exist)  a disservice.

By unfairly targeting for destruction this otherwise exemplary, family owned business for the personal (and statistically mainstream) beliefs of its owner, they (those calling for boycotts, refusal of building permits, etc) have galvanized a tidal-wave of support for Chick-Fil-A.

Look at me: I don’t normally eat chicken sandwiches of any kind, and the last time I visited a Chick-Fil-A restaurant I think Reagan was still serving his first term! But today I made a special point of dropping by for lunch.

It’s not that I am against full and complete rights for Gay Americans.

I took the trouble of driving to the local Chick-Fil-A as a protest against what I see as a deeply un-American effort by Democrat political hacks and leftist radicals to punish Dave Cathy and his company for merely holding views that they don’t happen to share. It is ironic that the Left, which howls about being unfairly treated during the McCarthy era, now practices a reverse form of McCarthyism against those with whom they disagree.

What is particularly ironic (not to say hypocritical) is that while serving in the White House as President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel endorsed his bosses support of traditional marriage; the very beliefs he now says are “incompatible” with Chicago beliefs.

Those dirty dozen protesting Chick-Fil-A and its patrons are either hard-core Gay Rights activists,  so fanatical they cannot tolerate any form of disagreement; or ignoramuses who didn’t bother to examine the facts before coming out in support of censorship and against free speech. Yes, against free speech: either Dave Cathy has the right to express what he believes without fear of reprisal, or the First Amendment (the Left’s favorite Amendment when its their unpalatable opinions being expressed) means nothing.

Those defending these activists’ actions will say, “Yes, but freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences”. That is a specious argument. The punishing of “incorrect” thought is an impulse that runs deeply throughout the left.The Left would by such actions create such a climate of fear that the free expression of ideas (contrary to their own) would be impossible.

It is a fascism that must be opposed whenever, and wherever it rears its head.

During the darkest days of WW-2, when Adolf Hitler turned upon and invaded his erstwhile ally, Stalin and the Soviet Union; British Prime Minister Winston Churchill  took to the floor of the House of Commons and complimented the Russians on their struggle. When asked about the apparent incongruity of a life-long anti-communist now praising Stalin, Churchill replied:

“If Mr. Hitler invaded hell I would at least make a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

And I, at least, would eat at Chick-Fil-A.



  1. Saw your post on FB through Faizeh. You know that it has nothing to do with the CEO’s statements on gay marriage, right? That it has everything to do with the fact that the company itself (through its charitable branch WinShape) has donated millions of dollars to organizations that are devoted to eradicating homosexuality, including hate groups like the Family Research Council which spread known falsehoods about homosexuals and advocates for criminalization of homosexual activity, right?

    • I will look into some of these groups. I would be against any group that sought to criminalize homesexual activity between consenting adults.

    • I don’t believe the Family Reserch Coucil advocated any such thing as “eradicating” homosexuality; unless they (you) are talking about education. But if you can send me some information supporting such an enflamnatory claim, I’ll publish it and comment upon it.

      I, for one, have no interest in “eradicating” homosexuality. I do have an interest in free speech. Including speech I don’t agree with…

      • *inflammatory

        And yes, those groups, including the Family Research Council, have mentioned wanting to eradicate homosexuality. And i’m not talking about education. I am not going to search for proof, because I already know for sure I’ve seen it, and I am not the one trying to be a news journalist. Besides, you mentioned previously that you would look into these groups. So if you look hard enough, you will find it.
        And just because you don’t believe something, doesn’t make it false. There’s people who don’t believe in God, but you and I both know that God exists.

  2. Um Hi. You’re opinion of what happened today was completely off base. I know most of the people at that protest and NONE and I mean NONE would throw anything like that. It was a peaceful protest and they even had to call the cops after someone threw a juice bottle at one of the girls. Btw Chick fil a actively supports and gives money to quite a few groups bent on making sure gays stay in the closet from trying to pass anti gay laws that not only would make being gay illegal but also supports exporting them. They support hate groups that are allowed to constantly commit hate crimes in the name of God which is a major sin if I ever heard of one. For someone who says you are gay friendly you sure need to do more research not to mention not base your articles off lies and exaggeration.

    • I was there today, Corinne. Witnessed the water bottle incident. So, no, not a lie or exaggeration. I was there.

      • And you should probably know that I was there as well, street-side and parking lot. Such an incident didn’t occur.

      • Then you witnessed wrong because not a single one of those people would do that. In fact a couple of them I have marched with before and we have been pelted with trash and did not fire back, not once sir. And there are several exaggerations other than the water bottle incident sir so do not tell me there isn’t because there is. Not to mention misinformation on both accounts.

      • REALLY?? Cause you saw everything that went on? Please.
        Its impossible to see everything. You obviously missed this, because I assure you, it happened!

      • Corrine,calling names is hardly a way to get your point across and making accusations is even more so terrible. This is an emotional debate but in debate if you cannot think clearly you should keep your mouth shut and let the people who have their heads speak.

  3. I kindly suggest that you get a recount from people that were actually part of either side. As you have stated, you seem to not have seen anything. I was at both locations and I know exactly what happened on either side. It would probably be best to take enough care to actually gain facts rather than speculation.

    • If, as you say, you were at the Temecula location at the Mall (as I was), then you would know that there were several hundred patrons waiting to get into Chick-Fil-A; and a dozen or two activists with signs on the other side of the driveway… All fact, no speculation.

      • I was. Do you seem to recall a quite sizable african-american teenager at the protest?

      • Sir, you stated there were about 10 of us in your article, why come out now and state there were a dozen or two now?…….
        There were infact about 30-40 of us to start out with between noon and 1 p.m. In fact, there were so many equality supporters that we split up and also stood on Margarita Road for quite a while.
        And also, sir, you not speaking with a single protester makes everything you published about them complete speculation and no facts……
        Thanks though……

  4. Hi, I am actually one of the people who organized this protest. Contrary to what you have stated in this completely uninformed piece, we were not there to protest what Mr. Dan Cathy had to say about gay marriage. We were there to protest the funding that is offered to organizations, such as Exodus International, who practice same sex conversion therapy. Also contrary to what you have stated, we were very well informed on the issued at hand. We were passing out cited flyers explaining why we were there. Being a graduate student I am a firm believer in citing your resources, and using credible resources at that, so I resent the fact that you would insinuate otherwise. Furthermore, there was no such case of a water bottle being thrown at a vehicle. This is a blatant lie. In fact, the police were called because one of our protesters was assaulted by a man who threw a bottle of juice at her face. This piece is so completely off base, its ridiculous.

    • As you noted, Ms, one should have one’s facts straight. I was witness to the incident in question. I saw it. So, please, don’t ask me not to believe my lying eyes, but to instead take your word for it that your folk were “non violent”.

      I was witness, Ms…. I will have to take you at your word that you are what you say you are (organizer, grad student, etc); you will have to take me at my word.

      It happened.

      • As I said, there we SO MANY of us! I’m very sure many protesters did not witness the incident first hand and if they did may not have seen the quick thought to toss her water back at the car.
        Despite that, she is very correct in the idea that you have misrepresented us to a huge extent.

  5. BTW, I have no issue with you protesting Chick-Fil-A: that’s YOUR freedom of speech, and I applaude it. (Water bottle throwing aside!)
    What I take special issue with is the fascist practice of Democrat mayors and politicans trying to block Chick-Fil-A from opening stores in their cities. Punishing a business because you don’t agree with their politics is a repulsive misuse of government power…
    There are plenty of businesses whose politics I disagree with; but who make a good product. I usually choose to buy the product and ignore the politics. Example: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Or movies that star Sean Penn.
    But, then, I’m not a fanatic about my politics, as are some….

    • We stated many times over that we do not support the banning of stores from cities as if you do not support the store it should be easy enough not to go there.
      I wish (especially because you published your article online as if it was valid) that you would have interviewed a protester, taken even one of our three flyers, or even stood on our side of the line for even five minutes. Any of these things would have easily informed more of our views and would have made your article a good one and correct but because of the one sided view here, there is no way I could respect this article. (I would feel the same even if I was a Chick-Fil-A supporter as there is two sides to every story).

  6. First, no need to get defensive before you even speak to the guy as if he is some “evil, right-winged” man. I was there for a snap-shot of the protests and can validate his statement of having seen a water bottle being thrown by a woman at a black car right as I pulled up; perhaps a response to the very incident of juice being thrown or some crude statement by some ignorance or the other. One clear thing is that I believe that Barry stated lucidly that he supports the homosexual community and did not attack them.
    It is news to me that Chick-Fil-A supports these groups, let alone that they exist as it would seem to him in the reply above.
    This whole thing makes me uncomfortable for two major reasons; on one hand we have gay rights that I support and on the other we have what should have been a small flickering flame, has caught the brush on fire and is now out of control. Prosecuting a business or even a person for that matter over views of religion, sexual preference etc. fall in the same category of ethically questionable to me.
    I am shocked that people are shocked on views and beliefs of a clearly religious business… they do after all make an obvious point of being closed on Sundays (which has impeded on my getting a chicken sandwich many times). It is as if one day I were to wake up and realize RuPaul was really born a man, or is that just too obvious? I figured that Chick-FIl-A being a Christian establishment might be more obvious than a man wearing makeup better than most women.

  7. Basically, our girls have already stated why we were protesting, so your assumption, like many others on the chick-fil-a side, are wrong (not surprising). I was also at the Temecula protest. I held the.sign that stated “Jesus had 2 dads”. If you did not notice, I was walking back and forth the whole time, and not 1 bottle was thrown from our side. The only bottle that was thrown, was from a passing car that hit one of our girls. That was one of yoour fellow chick-fil-a supporters. So who is violent and immature now? You can claim we were throwing bottles till you’re blue in the face, but it clearly is untrue. Nor were we hurling insults. We were all very peaceful and respectful, and even passed out informational flyers to those that wanted them. We didn’t pick any fights or arguments, like some from your side. Next time you want to make stuff up, and lie about our group, maybe you should join Fox News. They’re famous for that. By the way, had we thrown bottles, don’t you think that the officers there would have arrested us, instead of thanking us and supporting us??? Try again.

  8. The protester in question who threw a “water bottle at a passing car” was first ASSULTED with a juice box to the face out of said passing car! The intolerance and unwillingness to listen was only displayed by the Chick-Fil-A supporters, as the protesters listened with respect to opposing views screamed at them from people who did not even ask what exactly they are against.
    The protesters iin Temecula were not there for free speech, religion, or Dan Cathy’s statements to the Batptist Press. They were there today to voice their opposition to inequality funded by the proceeds of Chick-Fil-A to different Anti-Gay foundations.
    To me, anti-gay is anti-equality. Oppression knows no color, culture, or values. Every human being is important in the call for equality, weather they want it, call or it, beg for it, ignore it, reject it, or condemn it.

    • That is your opinion on a group of people that you do not know, it is amazing that you can speak for them all considering the number that was there. I think one of the major points here was that with freedom of speach sometimes you have to hear opinions that you do not share yourself.

      I do not question why someone is gay nor why they decided to believe in God. If it is a belief that is not understood that does not mean that it is wrong. You argue with something that is based on the fringe of science at best but who are you to say that God does not exist and these are not the things he/she said ?

      Again, the same applies to why or how someone shares attraction with the same gender. It is terrbile that either side would harrass the other because I find it un-christian and a complete lack of tolerance asking for tolerance. Let us not forget the word lashing good people get for believing in something that has been around for a long time.

      The ultimate question here is a societal definition of right vs. wrong and for now, democratically, society has decided that redefining marriage is not right but civil unions are… and this idea is acceptable(again in my opinion) because you cannot force an institution of idea to change just because their beliefs do not suit you. GIve it 10 years and perhaps society will change its mind and calling gay union marriage is dependent upon voters in the future.

      Not a single thing should have been thrown at the protesters but neither should something have been thrown back (in theory, but I probably would have been jumping in their window and strangeling them). Again, read the above, this whole thing is volatile stupidity because you all argue points that oppose eachhother…. there will be no point agreed upon.

    • Lauryn- I witnessed the water bottle incident, and didn’t see the juice bottle (the Battle of the Juice Bottle!) thrown. But I will give you the benefit of the doubt (at least you are admitting a water bottle was thrown, rather than call me a liar as several of your fellow protestors have).
      Many oppose Gay marriage on religious grounds. The Bible, Koran, and Torah all condemn homosexual relations. I don’t accept that myslf, but I must respect their religious beliefs; and the freedom to express them under the First Amendment.
      Despite the vast majority of Americans being Christians, Jews, or Muslims your cause is making progress. You all do yourselves little good by such incidents. Chick-Fil-A, rather than being punished, has now been made into a cause celeb, and a martyr. And, btw, Chick-Fil-A had a record breaking day all across the country! Was that your group’s intent?
      Finally, Lauryn, all people and relationships do not deserve to be treated equally or with equal respect…. But that discussion is for another day!
      Good luck in future endeavors and protests!

      • Barry, I feel great sorrow for you and pity for your so-called “gay friends and relatives” who have to walk on egg shells around you and hide who they really are to avoid conflict with you. All human-human relationships deserve to be treated equally and with equal respect, as prescribed under the Constitution, whether you agree or disagree. ONLY God can judge! “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

      • James- Don’t be a sanctimonious ass. My relatives don’t hide anything from anyone! As for me, as I’ve said, I have no problem with people being gay, bi, etc… Worked on the stage, in film, and TV (and grew up in The Valley): been around gays my whole life. So don’t presume to think you know me better than I know myself.
        BTW, Chick-Fil-A wanted me to thank you for giving them the biggest day in their corporate history! You and yours made them a pile of cash… Is that what you had in mind, laddie?

      • The support shown for Chick-Fil-A is not surprising or evil or anything at all but support. We respected them all day long and said “Hello” to anyone who would look our way. We were not there because of religion, so, the fact that many of them condemn homosexuality is not new to us nor our concern.
        The Chick-Fil-A Appreciaiton Day was a P.R. stunt to get them some business, as they barely get any… Someone told me a Chick-Fil-A reported a 37% increase in sales yesterday and that is not surprising and was totally expected. OF COURSE when you use God & religion to back up your beliefs, you will be getting a huge amount of support.
        However, the right thing is not always the easy thing. OUR GROUP’S INTENTION WAS TO INFORM PEOPLE WHERE THE MONEY GOES ONCE IT PASSES FROM THEIR POCKET TO CHICK-FIL-A CORPORATION. And we did just that! Success is every single honk in support and every one thumbs up we recieved. Success is ONE person (much more than one did, but) turning away from the resturant after hearing what we have to say. We informed people of how much money is going to anti-equality foundations and we informed them what those foundations fund and how it ends in a great number of suicides within the gay community.
        WE ARE FOR THE EQUAL TREATMENT OF HUMAN BEINGS. Your heart beats, you breathe oxygen and release CO2, you are about 60% water, you have a brain, and you feel emotions. YOU DESERVE ALL THE RIGHTS ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING DOES. Obviously, certain situations would call for certain measures but the only examples I can think of involve crime & trials, which is the law. We believe human beings have the right life, freedom, and positivity versus ridicule. Tolerance would do, but so many people will not get down off their high horse to speak with a protester. Oppression of African-American’s was just an idea, and in fact it became the law! But that sure did not make it right! Oppression of a human being is not something we support, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, cultural background, or anything at all.

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  10. Once again as your response to Lauryn shows, they were there to spread word of where Chick fil a’s profits go not just simply protesting against their religions beliefs. I myself am Christian but no where in my version (one of several in the Christian religion) does it say gay is a sin. On top of they were spreading details of what groups and what those groups do that chick fil a supports. Such as Exodus international and Family organizations who are hell bent on making gay marriage and gay behavior illegal. So rather than bury their heads in the sand they went fully informed with information not just protest.

    • THis isn’t about gay rights, Corinne. ITs about gay intollerance of any opinion that doesn’t agree with yours. That the owner of Chick-Fil-A may disagree with you is intollerable to you: ironic coming from a group that demands everyone else tolerate your beliefs…
      You are not the victim here, you are not the ones being persecuted for your beliefs. Most Americans accept civil unions granting gays all the same rights as married couples.
      You are the intollerant, bigoted persecutor of someone whose beliefs you don’t agree with. Shame on you for that!
      AS for the Bible, don’t be an ignoramous. Of course there are passages in the Bible which say homosexuality is an abomination etc… I don’t agree with them, but they are there! It is ignorant and stupid to pretend they are not….

      • SERIOUSLY,
        WE know what this is about! We read Dan Cathy’s statement and articles in support of Chick-Fil-A appreciation day. WE also KNOW OUR OWN SIDE OF IT! WE know why we were there! YOU may not tell us ‘what this is about’ when you did not ever ask a protester what it was about.
        I must have had 100 people say “I know why you’re here, I don’t need your flyer” and I must have had 100 people who did not know why were there, with only close-mindedness who wouldn’t even speak with us, but to us, representing and promoting something we are not even against!


    • Corinne, these people will never understand or process it, because they will never take the right-wing veil off their head and eyes, to listen and understand where we are coming from. They will instead choose to listen to the misinformation put out by Fox News, Huckabee, Santorum, and other conservative know-it-alls. I am done arguing with these ignorant, self-righteous ignoramuses. Funny how Barry described his group with the title of his article, and are yet to admit that they fit it more than us. They will forever play the blame game, and be the “innocent victims of intolerance”. Smh. Arguing with them is like arguing with a brick wall. I’m done. God bless everyone. He will be the only one to judge in the end.

  11. Sir, you did not obviously speak with any of the protesters. And obviously an interview was in order. You have misrepresented every reason why were there and also LEFT OUT every reason why we were truly there. This article is half true, half opinion and fabrication.
    I’m glad you “witnessed the water bottle incident,” but you misrepresented that as well.

    It is easy to see who the hateful group was. We stood peaceably for 10+ hours with a huge amount of respect for every one in support of Chick-Fil-A and also with a huge amount of disrespect and assumptions being thrown at us.
    This article is just another disrespectful assumption.

    • Very well said, Lauryn. You hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, these arrogant, ignorant people will never fess up to their actions and instead point the finger at us, making all these false accusations, and misrepresentations. They will never admit that they are actually describing their behavior. They like to play the “innocent victim that was just expressing their ‘free speech’ and freedom of beliefs”. They will never understand what the real facts and reasons are. It’s a shame. They’re gonna have a huge surprise in the end, when they die, and see the real truth. I hope they enjoy extremely warm temperatures. 😛

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