Romney Edging Past Obama Nationally

It has been joked that we (America) “nuked” the Japanese twice and it just seems to have made them stronger.

The same might prove to be the case with Mitt Romney.

We are in the “kitchen sink” phase of the campaign, when the President’s people are throwing every thing they can at the Republican candidate. It has even been suggested that Mitt could be a (possible) felon!

Despite the blizzard of attack ads run by the Democrats, Mitt is now edging up over Obama in the newest polls.

The New York Times/CBS News poll released Thursday shows Romney with a 45-43  percent lead over President Obama.

What should be even more disturbing for the President and Democrats are the number of Undecided: 4%.

Dick Morris, veteran pollster, believes that undecided voters always tend to break for the challenger.

Obama has been President for 31/2 years. The American voters know what they are getting from another Obama term as President. If someone is undecided, its only because he is waiting to see if Mitt Romeny is a decent replacement. (Which explains the Obama strategy of throwing every charge they can against Romney, regardless of the veracity, hoping to convince the undecided voter that Romney is an out-of-touch elitist who bullied gay kids back in Middle School, hates American workers and abuses his dog!)

Morris’ point is well taken; and can be seen clearly when applied to your personal life. If someone were to ask you, “Are you going to divorce your wife?”; you would only say, “I’m undecided” if you were considering it! A happily married man or woman would respond with, “No! Of course not!”

Which is why Obama is in such trouble.

If you add the 4% undecided to Romney’s total, his lead is beyond the margin of error.

Factor in also a poll taken by The Hill, that showed that a substancial number of Americans think Obama is transforming America FOR THE WORSE! This includes 20% of Democrats polled!

Are those 20% of Democrats likely to pull the lever for a man they think is screwing-up their country? Likely not. They may stay home; or they may vote for a change: Mitt Romney.  

It is still early, despite the election being only 110 days away. But at this moment in time, momentum is shifting to Romney. Having spent millions of dollars and several months shooting everything they can Romney’s way, the Obama people might be thinking: We’ve nuked him, and it just seems to have made him stronger!

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