This weekend the Greeks went to the polls to vote for various political parties that all promised versions of the same thing: Let the party continue, money (or lack thereof) be damned!

Reports on the Greek elections focus on which party claims to be for staying in the Euro Zone (the Greek “Right”) and which wants to give the rest of Europe the finger (the Greek “Left”). What all seem to miss or downplay is what the Greek political parties all have in common: none endorse the kind of austerity reforms that are demanded by Germany, Europe’s chief financier; and which might save the Greek economy in the long run.

All Greek political parties reject the measures that are required for Germany to OK another bailout of the teetering-on-the-brink Greek economy. Even the so-called conservative New Democracy party, which eked out a meager victory in the weekend Parliamentary election, wants bailouts without real concessions on Greece’s part.

Its rather like a child, used to a generous weekly allowance from its parents; rebelling against having to do household chores to earn it! The Greeks don’t want to clean their room, do their own dishes, or mow the lawn. Instead, they invite their friends over for a major weekend blowout, ordering pizza and buying beer on Dad’s credit card!

The Greeks are just the most obvious example of Spoiled-Rotten Liberalism.

Growing-up in the liberal entitlement society, where bad behavior is divorced from real-life consequences the modern liberal masses enjoy the largess bestowed by Big Government’s patronage; the bills for which are paid for by the hard-working “adults” in said society. In the spirit of “from each according to his means; to each according to his needs” those who are willing/stupid enough to work hard and pay their fair-share of taxes (to essentially “grow-up!) are increasingly milked dry.

Meanwhile, those on the “dole” demand more as their just entitlement;  the unemployed demand ever more months of unemployment benefits; government employees demand higher wages and cushier benefit packages; and students going to school on tax payer supported loans demand debt forgiveness and free tuition!

In Greece, where the workday is 6 hours (broken up into two segments by a three hour, mid-day break for lunch, love-making, and a good nap) and guaranteed 6 week long vacations; where government sector wages and benefits exceed those of the average private sector employee by a factor of two; the economy can no longer support this cushy life-style. Instead of making changes to their lifestyle and spending habits that would balance their budgets, the Greeks want the hard-working Germans and Swedes to pay more of their earnings to finance the Greek’s fiestas and siestas!

Germans, who retire at the age of 67, are understandably resentful of subsidising a nation where hairdressers can retire at the age of 50; apparently due to the hazardousness of that profession!

Like spoiled-rotten children, they refuse to grow-up and take responsibility for themselves; instead demanding that mom and dad keep paying their bills far into their adulthood.

In America, we see the same syndrome developing. One has only to watch the antics of and support on the left for the Occupy Movement to see this up-close here at home.

This weekend’s election in Greece will ultimately mean nothing. Germany will not allow Greece to (on the one hand) stay in the Euro Zone and receive German bailout; while on the other doing nothing to tighten their belts and alter their unsustainable lifestyle. Greece will fail economically for the same reason Socialism always fails: eventually it runs out of other people’s money to spend or steal.



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    • One wonders, eh? I don’t have the answer to that…
      The EU was originally conceived by the French as a way of preventing the German economic giant from dominating all of Europe. Now, the irony is that Germany, through the EU and the Euro, dominates Europe!

    • Although one might be hard pressed to see why the Germans continue the “Euro-Zone” ruse, they do get one very large benefit from “beggar countries” like Greece. That is, very simply, it keeps the value of the Euro currency lower, which benefits the Germans significantly.

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