It was a case of deja vu all over again, as the President’s much-touted reframing of the fall campaign issues, rambled on for 54 minutes.

Stalemate between the parties, a financially irresponsibile Europe dragging on our economic coat tails, and its “all George Bush’s fault!” are themes we have heard from the President repeatedly, ad nauseam. Every time he speaks, one can predict precisely what President Obama is going to say. And its becoming plain annoying. Like one of those irritating bubble-gum songs that use to play endlessly on FM radio stations in the 70s: intrusive, cloying, sometimes catchy, but WAY overplayed!

Yet in his “reset the campaign” speech today at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio, what we got was more of the same! A rambling, shambling 54 minutes of regurgitated “I’m right, Republican’s wrong! Oh, and did I say: It’s not my fault??”

I was reminded that while Obama meandered on-and-on, the national debt grew by $140 million!

Pundits piled on afterward to pan this as one of Obama’s worst speeches yet.

“One of his least successful speeches…Went on-and-on…At times he seemed to lose the thread… He lost his audience.”, said Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter.

“…nothing new in this speech”, sniffed Buzzfeed’s Zeke Miller.

John Hayward of Human Events had the best take on it: “This Obama speech is so long-winded it might be the first attempt to filibuster an election!”

On June 12, Obama blamed (shockingly!) Republicans for the financial woes he inherited, and which (according to the President) continue to plague the country. Republicans are like a guy who “goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, a martini and all that stuff, then just as you’re sitting down they leave and accuse you of running up the tab,” Obama said.

What the President conveniently forgets to mention is that since taking office, Obama and the Democrats (who controlled Congress in the first two years of his Administration, not to mention the last two years of the Bush Administration!) have since doubled the debt amount run up by Bush! In other words, what debt it took Bush (and Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid) eight years to accrue, Obama has matched (and then some!) in just three years!

During his first three years, Obama has increased the National Debt by 70%.

Using the President’s own analogy: he walked into a restaurant, and was left with the other guy’s tab; then proceeded to shout out: “Drinks and dinner for EVERYONE!!”

If Bush went on a spending binge his last two years (again, compliments of a Democrat-controlled Congress), Obama presided in his first two years over a virtual spending bacchanal!

Today the President was correct about one point: the problem in Washington is, indeed, that the two parties have VERY different visions for this economy: The Republicans want to  stop borrowing money at a  rate of $2.6 million per minute; while the President doesn’t think we have borrowed and spent enough.

It will indeed be up to the voters in November to break this impasse.


7 thoughts on “OBAMA’S $140 MILLION SPEECH

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  2. I was inspired to start a new drinking game after listening to the last State of the Union address. Everyone sits around watching clips of Obama’s speech’s and press conferences. During a press conference, every time the president breaks a sentence, pauses and says “Uh,” everyone drinks. Whenever the President mentions, “Fair Share” in a speech, everyone pours a “fair” amount their shot into a “community bowl,” that shall be taken down to the nearest AA meeting to be re-distributed. Whenever the President blames Bush for the state of the economy, the drunkest person, you punch the person to the right in the nuts, take a shot, blame Bush and using Newtonian Laws of Physics as an excuse.
    I started this drinking game and found out after a month that I was drinking way too much, giving away too much booze and punching people in the balls way more than I should and trying to blame it on someone else. But, on the bright side, I’m glad I didn’t drink every time the President says, “fair share.” I would have died of alcohol poisoning six minutes and thirty seconds into each and every speech starting with the State of the Union…

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