Heroes Don’t Spike the Football: Obama Called Out

First Arianna Huffington called his using the killing of Bin Ladin as a political weapon against Mitt Romney “despicable”.

Now a veterans group is throwing the penalty flag on the President for excessive celebration in the endzone!

Veterans for a Strong America has produced this video, critical of the President for taking too much credit for the work of many over the years; and the intellegence and miltiary communities in particular.

It was those true heroes, who worked since 9/11 to bring swift and final justice to Bin Ladin, and not the Yearling president, who “got” Osama!


9 thoughts on “Heroes Don’t Spike the Football: Obama Called Out

  1. Any one else find the irony of the right calling foul when Bush landed a plane on a aircraft carrer and delcared victory?

    • Back at ya, friend Shawn: the Democrats (and this President when he was a Senator) dumped all over Bush for that “Mission Accomplished” speech. Isn’t it the height of hypocrisy that now Obama wants to wrap himself in a flag of other people’s heroism; and do a victory dance in the endzone??

      🙂 Hypocrisy is not a monopoly of either Party.

      • We are in complete agreement more of pointing out the irony of it all.

  2. I would argue argue that Obama’s “Osama” speech, when compared with the Bush speech after the capture of Saddam Hussein show that their is NO hypocrisy when deriding the current Presidents preening political event in Afghanistan. And I say this as a registered Democrat.

    Obama’s 2012 speech was full of self-praise: Bush used the pronoun three times:
    1) I have a message for the Iraqi people: You will not have to fear the rule of Saddam Hussein ever again.; 2) I thank the members of our Armed Forces and I congratulate ’em.; 3) I also have a message for all Americans: The capture of Saddam Hussein does not mean the end of violence in Iraq.

    See: http://nation.foxnews.com/president-obama/2011/05/17/bush-vs-obama-different-ways-use-i-speech and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OSWtWAdZYE

    The stunt played by Obama was another distraction, given that he used our troops for props. I am looking forward to the June Primary, when I can write in “Mickey Mouse” for my choice as Democratic candidate for President.

    • While I agree, that was not the example that was used. Instead the example was Bush’s 2003 speak where he declare victory in Iraq after landing a naval plane, to be fair to both there is self praise in both speechs though admitly much more in Obama’s.

      • Shawn: Again, I am going to have to disagree respectfully and thoroughly on 2 separate points.:

        1) Comparing the speeches both Presidents gave on the capture of 2 heinous terrorist leaders is the more apt comparison.

        2) Perhaps there is another 2003 “Mission Accomplished Speech” to which you are referring. The one I heard was not a exercise in narcissism and contained no obvious self praise. Review the speech again:


        Here are the instances in that make my point:

        1) Because of you our nation is more secure. Because of you the tyrant has fallen and Iraq is free.

        2) And tonight, I have a special word for Secretary Rumsfeld, for General Franks and for all the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States: America is grateful for a job well done.

        3) As I speak, a special operations task force lead by the 82nd Airborne is on the trail of the terrorists and those who seek to undermine the free government of Afghanistan.

        THAT speech was one big THANK YOU note to American servicemen and women and women, with a detailed description of how awesomely awesome they are. It bore little resemblance to Obama’s speech, which is now being recognized as a political distraction full-of-fail.

      • Its not just Obama’s speech/pat on his own back on the anniversary of Bin Ladin’s death. Add to that the NBC special from the Situation Room this last week. One hour long self-congratulatory campaign add; at NBC’s expense. I lost count of how many times this guy said I, me, or we (meaning he and his flunkies)… He isn’t just taking a victory lap. He’s throwing himself a victory parade, with full tickertape!

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