Leftist Ideas Make for Worse Human Beings

In the past, I’ve opined on the violent history of the Left; and postulated that the root lies in its core beliefs.

Andrew Klavan has elucidated this point brilliantly in the following essay, found over at PJ Media:

The true test of a philosophy is not what it promises to make of the world but what it makes, in fact, of its adherents…

Leftism is bad for people. It makes them awful. The unwashed, ill-mannered, anti-Semitic, entitled, and now violent mobs littering various parts of the nation under the banner “Occupy” believe their ideas will lead to a better society — but they actually are the society their ideas lead to. Their behavior when compared to the polite, law-abiding, non-racist demonstrations of so-called tea partiers tells you everything you need to know about the end results of statism on the one hand and constitutional liberty on the other.

This is not, of course, to say that every left-winger is a miscreant but rather that the natural, indeed inevitable, result of statism is to produce nations of miscreants.

Read full essay here.


2 thoughts on “Leftist Ideas Make for Worse Human Beings

  1. Are you seriously trying to accuse the left of racism while suggesting the right wing isn’t? Has there ever been such a thing as a non-racist Tea Party protest?

    Not to say that everyone in the Tea Party is a racist, but like there is a trouble-making contingent on the left-wing there is a racist contingent on the right-wing (an out-and-out anti-semite is one of the four front-runners of the GOP race).

    There is such profound cognitive dissonance going on in American politics right now. It makes highly intelligent people blind to what is going on around them.

    There is a lot of evil being spouted on the right wing right now. I’ve put numerous examples of their war on women on here. When a LAW-MAKER from Georgia compares women to cows who should be left to rot when a baby dies inside them, remember that they are talking about YOUR DAUGHTER.

    When Arizona enacts laws that allow police to interrogate anyone foreign-looking (read: not white) they are harassing and invading the privacy of American citizens along with men and women who served your country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    When a black kid who walks to his neighbourhood store to buy candy gets shot in cold blood and the police refuse to charge the non-affiliated neighbourhood watchman because the kid, “looked like trouble” this is the ultimate violation of American rights and freedoms and has stemmed from the rights “law and order” crusade which isn’t working and is one of many factors bankrupting your country. How’s the war on drugs going, guys? Are you winning yet?

    If you can say that the lawlessness of the left-wingers at various “occupy protests” (which are ironically protesting the lawlessness of wall street that crushed the American economy) is a direct result of left-wing politics it is just as right and fair to say that the evils described above are a direct result of right-wing politics and the victims of the right seem to be a lot more innocent.

    People on both sides need to stop this ridiculous mud-flinging. It just covers everyone in filth and doesn’t help a damn thing.

    • What I have learned over the years, Karen, is that those of you on the Left and those of us on the Right just don’t see the world through the same prism…. Its as though each of us has sun glasses on, of different tints. Yours is pink, mine is blue. When you see the world, it just looks completely different than when I look at it.
      It doesn’t get either of us anywhere to argue each of the points you raise. Suffice to say your POV is alien to mine, and I disagree with most every one of your rebuttal points… Your facts are wrong, your logic is specious, and your perspective is warped.
      That said, we will have to agree to disagree, and leave it at that.

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