When the Romans declared war on another people, the first act was to open the doors of the Temple of Bellona, ancient god of war. These bronze portals were kept closed in time of peace, and opened during periods of war.

Over at the Temple of Mut, the Goddess has opened those hoary bronze portals. She has cried “HAVOC!”  and let loose the dogs of WAR!

The liberal mainstream media is going kooky at the prospect that the most left-leaning President in history may be a one-term President. They will stop at nothing to weight the election in his favor. They will not hesitate to ridicule, smear, and slander not just the Republican nominee and his running-mate; that is a given. They will run roughshod over any who stand in their way.  

Its time for this President’s opponents to “go to the mattresses”, and prepare for the coming war that will be this election.

What is at stake is nothing less than the future of this, the “last best hope for mankind”.

Will America continue to be a beacon of individualism, self-reliance, personal freedom, and national exceptionalism? Or slip ever further into the economic and political morass that is the European socialist model the President and his party envision America becoming: A nation no prouder, no wealthier, no more free, no more exceptional than any other. Not the greatest nation on earth; not even primum inter pares (“first among equals”). But just one more politically corrupt and economically stagnant voting member of that morally bankrupt institution that is the United Nation’s. A nation where our secretary of defense has to ask permission from the “world community” before acting militarily to protect Americans; and where the American President bows to foreign kings.

Its time to go to WAR!


4 thoughts on “WAR!

  1. If the GOP wants a hope of winning this election (and I’m beginning to believe it’s too late for you guys already), they have to start focusing on important issues like the economy.

    The GOP race has been so filled with pandering to the crazies and being used as a smoke screen by the Catholic church that there will HAVE to be flip-flopping when the winner has to face up against the eloquent Obama.

    I’m not a huge Obama fan, but everything that has been happening in the Republican Party has come across as so insane to anyone that doesn’t exclusively watch Fox that you have probably already lost nearly the entire swing vote and many moderate Republicans

  2. Karen-
    Only one of the GOP candidates is talking social issues to death: Santorum. And he isn’t going to be the nominee. Its the Dems and the liberal media who are fanning the flames of a controversy that doesn’t really exist.
    Don’t worry about Republicans. Obama is going down in the Fall, you can bet on it!

    • Barry – There’s a few things going on here that are working against you guys.

      There have been a sudden upsurge in many, many states talking about social issues combined with three borderline insane candidates who have all discussed social issues (Santorum is the only one with a hope of winning, but Newt has openly discussed womens rights and even “libertarian” Ron Paul has said that he’s anti-abortion, so it seems like libertarianism is for men only).

      Georgia representative Terry English stated in the last week that women who have fetuses die inside them should be left to either deliver the babies naturally or die of sepsus. He then went on to say this is okay because many farmers don’t call vets when this happens to their cows (and most farmers do call vets to protect their investment). He went on to talk about a hero who promised to stop betting on cock fighting if women were no longer allowed to get abortions.

      Wisconsin Rep. Don Pridemore has co-sponsored a bill that would make divorce illegal even in cases of domestic abuse suggesting victims, “Remember the good times”.

      Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski recently spoke out during debate on a “Violence Against Women” Bill, telling colleagues that they needed to tone down the anti-woman rhetoric because they were losing female voters.

      These are just a handful of the many nutty examples that are going on out there right now.

      I realize that most of this has nothing to do with the federal race, but most voters tend to lump all republicans together (they do the same for democrats) and it’s all been coming up as one big anti-woman attack. I know I probably seem like a “feminazi” to quote the delightfully ignorant Rush Limbaugh (could someone explain to him how the birth control pill works). However, it is the republicans who have chosen to make womens’ issues the focus right now.

      Even the delightfully sane Mitt Romney said he was going to “get rid of Planned Parenthood”, which is not something within the power of the president.

      The problem is, if you only watch Fox News and read Republican blogs and speak to other republicans you miss the real reaction of most Americans male and female (even most men don’t want families of 15 kids).

      If Mitt wins the GOP race it will greatly increase your chances of winning but I wouldn’t bet much money on it unless republicans find a new focus, quickly.

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